Pfizer’s Commitment to Improving Diversity in Clinical Trials: A Quiz

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At Pfizer, diversity and equity are of utmost importance, especially when it comes to clinical trials. It is essential to have people of all backgrounds participate in clinical trials to help reduce health disparities among underrepresented populations and improve the development of medicines and vaccines for everyone.

Do you know that Black Americans account for approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population but make up only 5 percent of clinical trial participants? Furthermore, Hispanic and Latino participants account for roughly 19 percent of the population in the U.S. but make up only 1 percent of clinical trial participants.*

For Pfizer, delivering lifesaving treatments for all means ensuring that the company’s clinical trials accurately represent the diverse communities impacted by the diseases it seeks to treat or prevent. As part of these efforts, Breakthroughs for All™ is Pfizer’s commitment to diverse and inclusive participation in clinical trials through equitable access and practices.

Try this quiz to test your knowledge about the efforts Pfizer has been making to facilitate diversity in clinical trials and how this work can improve the health outcomes for people of all backgrounds.

What was the first major pharmaceutical company to publish an in-depth, multi-year study of their U.S. clinical trials’ demographic diversity?*
What proportion of Pfizer trials achieved racial and ethnic distribution levels that met or exceeded U.S. census levels for Black or Hispanic and Latino participants?*
What are some of the barriers that exist to clinical trial participation?*
How does Pfizer help ensure that diverse populations are represented in clinical trials?*
What foundation did Pfizer recently partner with to launch Health Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership (HEAL) sessions to advance education around clinical trials for Black women with breast cancer?*

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